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March 22, 2009


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You did it :o)
Now you won't seem nearly so far away. I can see your lovely craft projects and photo's and catch up on your news like you are next door. I know you are going to love it here and I know the warmhearted blogging community are going to love you xx
Happy blogging li'l Sis
Love xx


love your blog and am sure you will have lots of lovely things on it. I am very proud of the very sweet bunny (now called Dora) that you gave me yesterday (Mothers' Day). Last night I also had a slice of the pretty cake and made short work of some of the lovely chocs you also spoilt me with. Good luck with the blog, and I know exactly what you named it means to you, you know the Ray of Sunshone is always there for you!
Love mum xx


Welcome to blog land, I look forward to following your postings! Enjoy! Love Salx


Hello Ray of Sunshine, welcome to the land of blogging! Your rabbit is lovely especially the little cross over top. Well done on being the mother to six children. I find it hard with just the one!

Little Brown Rabbit

Hello and welcome to the blog land! (I got your blog address from Sumea)
I am loving the colours you've chosen for your blog and your knitted bunny :)

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