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April 04, 2009


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graceful mice and gentle moons

Ah! I have an idea ~ I'll delegate my tutorial to you ;o)
LOVE the jar jacket, the homemade buttons look great. And I agree she is a Super Mum, the BEST.
The flowers are lovely


That is so lovely. I think your Mum is also very lucky to have you and your sister as daughters. I have just had a lovely walk with My Mum and her dog and Lily. Somehow Mum's just make it feel better. ((and where do they get their energy from??)) When I was younger I would be annoyed if someone said, gosh, your just like your Mum, now I take it as the biggest compliment ever. Maybe I'll make Mum a jacket too. Hope your feeling a little better x



Sumea and I are always wondering how you manage to do so much. Now we know. You don't sleep!

Lovely present for your mum. Glad you're being looked after.


felicity cockcroft

that's such a lovely present, sort of from you both as Sumea designed them!

Hope your mum likes them,

felicity xx


LOVING your jar jumper!! You are giving your sweet sis a run for her money!!

Little Brown Rabbit

What a lovely gift!
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely message :D
I'm glad to hear things are going well and you are in high spirits.
Love Em x


Now we can see you :o)
You look a bit more serious than usual but I like the new hair xx


LOL not serious more like knackered :0)was the best photo I had lol rest were worse ;0).

Nina - Tabiboo

Oh wow, that is beautiful I bet your mum is really chuffed!

Glad you are feeling better and thanks for the lovely message it is such a small world.

take care,

Nina x

Little Brown Rabbit

So we both have banana munching bunnies! Hee Hee!
Give them a stoke from me :)
Em xxx


Hi there!
Thanks for visiting my blog.
What a lovely gift for your mum!
And what a lovely mum!

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