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April 15, 2009


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How good it will be for you to have a place to sew, can't wait to see what else you come up with, your totes look charmingly cute with their big bows and rabbits!!
I mostly hide from my housework!! else i'd never get anything done!!


What a scarey thought, de-cluttering! I'm smiling as everything seems to end up in my bedroom when I have a tidy of various rooms in the house, I just think... Put in in my room then I can sort it out, seeing as my room is the smallest in this cottage, tisn't such a bright idea.....

The bags are really lovely. How are you getting on with the crochet?

Colette x


Oh Colette the crochet is a bit hit and miss at the moment just when I think I have it sussed I end up with a tangled cobweb on my needle. Im going to do what you said and go on youtube for me one to one lesson lol.x


I just turned my tangled cobwebs into garlandy things, will put them up for you to see soon.
I'm the same as Colette, everything gets tidied away into the bedroom (where it often never gets found again).
I think your tote begs are super-cute :oD


Oh I know ive done the same either that or put it up in the loft, but now im going to get caught out as the loft is becoming two bedrooms later in the year. So im trying to get all my rubbish sorted and yes there was hardly anything of mine in my room it was all the kids stuff, its looking good though I can see the floor again :0)

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