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April 03, 2009


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Seem's I've landed in the button heaven special edition! Loving your four seasons in button form extravaganza!!

Hope you are feeling in good spirits and the events of the past few days have not been taking too much of a toll on my favorite ray of sunshine

thinking of you..


I love these!!! they are so cute *~*
I think the autumn ones are my favourites, but I so love the chicks and the bunnies and the hearts........actualy it's very difficult to chose. They are all wonderful :o)
Lots of Love to you Sis ~ knew it wouldn't be long before you were back to your crafting again xx


The Easter bunny and Easter basket with eggs cards are just adorable :3 xx


Think of you lots. thank you for you good wishes too. I really love the leaf buttons. Did you make your own cutter? (if not where can i get one?) To buy special buttons seem to be just so expensive. The Easter cards are so sweet. Hope you have a lovely weekend. How did you get on with the little cardigan?


Just found your lovely blog.
What cute buttons. Do you have special cutters or do you make them up.


Thankyou for all your lovely comments. I do use cutters sometimes and I got them from here http://www.polymerclaypit.co.uk/
If you look at the sun ones in the spring part then look at the hedgehogs in the Autumn I used same cutter just cut off the bottom, so you can be quite adaptable with them. They are lovely to make just bake them in the oven on gas mark 1. I would also like to add they are very strong my 6 year old daughter had them out playing most of the day yesterday and there is not a mark on them :0) I do varnish them with fimo varnish once they are cool from oven. Hope this helps any of you that are going to make some Paula x p.s just to add I bought a nice little round tin with quite a few cutters in for about £8 which I think works out cheaper in the long run.


Your buttons are all so very sweet but my favourites have to be the hedgehogs!!!

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