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April 17, 2009


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What a great outlook on life you have! It's true those plants do need a drink and the patio always looks more gleamy after a shower or six!! and as for crotchet snuggling, what more could a lady ask for!!
p.s. Those buttons get better and better! and that grey rabbit fridge magnet has a grin I'd love to have!!

Nina - Tabiboo

That sounds like the perfect way to spend a rainy day!

Enjoy the rest of it,

Nina x


What a lovely day you have had. WHo needs sunshine all the time. I love the rabbit.

Good luck with the hooking, it will just click, then the'll be no stopping you xx


Cute buttons, especially the grey rabbit :3 Good luck with the crocheting, I think you'll be a wonderful crocheter once you get the hang of it. Your new square is pretty and the salad garden is looking lovely.
Hope you have a nice cuddled up with wool and a crochet hook weekend.
Lots of love to all at your house


Hope you had fun with all your lovely yarn and crochet hook. There is nothing like snuggling up on a rainy day and crafting with something yummy cooking away.


Anyone there?
hope to see you back here soon xxx


Hi, I am still around LOL its just been a bit chaotic here. My hospital is 7th of May my youngest ones birthday :0( still we are going on holiday over the long weekend for a nice break so I will be back posting soon :0)

graceful mice and gentle moons

Are you all back from your little holiday yet?
Miss You xx

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